Tuesday 29 January 2013

What I do on a Sunday.

I made the decision back in August when I started to make things to sell that I would not make stuff for my shop on a Sunday.  My way of keeping a day of rest.  However there is one problem with that - I enjoy crochet, it is what relaxes me, so I have managed to think around that and now I only make things on a Sunday that I am going to give to friends or things for myself or my family.  This is what I made the other week, isn't she sweet, I found the pattern here free on Ravelry.  It is so lovely, I would love to make some for my shop but the person who made the pattern has requested it not be made to sell, so I shall abide by her wishes.  In the mean time I shall hold onto her until I find the right place for her to go.

There has been another load of bag making and finishing this last week.  A month or so ago I made a big granny square, thinking it would be nice as a cushion.  However I saw an image on Pinterest of an envelope bag, which got me thinking.
What do you think?  I really love it!

It is lined with some fabric that I had left over from making bridesmaid dresses about 10 or more years ago.  You see there is always a job for those left over bits!
I have also finished off some more of my favourite hexagonal bags.  If you click on the picture in will take you to my Folksy shop.

I am so pleased I got them finished.  I have also had the sewing machine out to do the linings again so that meant I was tempted to do a little more applique again.  My daughter needs a bag to put her music folders in for when she goes to band practise on a Friday evening.  There is no room in her saxophone case so I have made this little patchwork and applique bag, just big enough for two music folders

This is a close up of the applique
Unlike the cushion which you can see in this blog post here I did not hand sew around the shapes, I used my machine, I quite surprised myself at how neatly I could do it. 

Sunday this week saw me thinking up a new project for my son,  we are going to redecorate his room and I thought I would make him a hexagonal granny blanket here is a peak of the beginnings

Now would you like a sneaky peak at what else I have been up to - I have been in the mood for working small again, you can't see the size in this picture but watch this space and hopefully my next blog post will have the full ta-dah reveal :o)

Have a good week, happy crafting x.

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