Wednesday 30 January 2013

Time for a Tea Party.

Do you remember this photo that I put at the end of my last blog post?
Well today I have had such fun finishing off a little project that has kept me busy for a good few days.  It all fits neatly into this little basket

 Once the table cloth is removed and spread out
 you can take a peak of the contents of the basket
 There is a the teapot with a removable lid

A milk jug

A biscuit tin - want to see inside?

8 little biscuits the size of my finger nail!

 Perfect for putting onto the little plates before dunking them in your cup of tea!
 Another guessing game - what could be in this box?

Cakes of course - 4 little cupcakes (I know there are only three left in the box someone has already helped themselves and put one on their plate).

All I need now is three friends to come round, tea, cake and biscuits are ready!  If you would like to purchase this set then click on the last picture and it will take you to my folksy store.

Happy Crafting x.

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