Tuesday 5 February 2013

February already!

Following on from my antics with the tea-set last week, the toy theme continued.

This little puppy who feels a little blue, has had plenty of views in my shop but has not yet stolen any ones heart, I know the special right person will find him soon.  This was a lovely free pattern that I found on Craftsy here .  I also got to thinking about Easter and found another wonderful free pattern via google here , they soon started to multiply:

What cheeky little chicks, I already have an order for a couple of these and am sure I will probably get some yet.

I then had a morning off from crochet to do a little card making - amazing what a birthday deadline can make you do.  My lovely husband got me a new stamp at Christmas, it just says 'best wishes' several times, small, in a line, that inspired these cards:

It turned into a very productive couple of hours

Then back to the crochet I went, having a go at little roses for the first time, I used this free pattern

After I had wound it round and sewn it together I realised that I had done it wrong side out.  However when I tried another and did it as the pattern dictated I much preferred it this way!  As per usual, I got a little carried away and already have all these, even though I don't know what I am going to do with them yet!

I have two projects on the go for my children at the moment.  The first is for my daughter who has a birthday at the end of March.  I thought she might like a big bag for overnight stays with friends.  At the moment she tends to just use one of my jute shopping bags.  Here it is so far
I am using yarn on cones for the first time, it's a very cheap eco cotton that I found on ebay (and then discovered it is even cheaper to buy direct from their shop). It is no where near as nice quality as the Debbie Bliss that I like to use but it is going to serve it's purpose and be economical as well!  It also comes in a great variety of colours.

The other project is for my son, we are going to redecorate his bedroom (prompted by a mouldy blind and friends coming to stay I have to confess).  I love doing Granny Hexagons (hex's) and so decided to do some giant ones to make a blanket for him.  These were the first two rounds.

Then they soon started to grow

and grow

can you see my puppy dog sneaking into this picture - she obviously is wondering why I am not taking her photo!  Unfortunately I have run out of the 'canvas' coloured yarn, so will have to continue leaving a small number out to catch up with.  I know some people really don't enjoy the repetition of grannies but I love it - as you can see!  I am hoping to join them all together with the same red as the new blind, I still have a little way to go though before I will be ready to do that.

Have a good week, happy crafting x.