Monday 14 November 2016

Make your own Dorset Button


 To make your own Dorset button all you need are the following:

Approximately 6 metres of two different coloured yarn
A wooden curtain ring
A pair of scissors
A darning needle.

1. To get started you first need to choose which colour yarn you would like on the outside of the ring  attach your  the ring by securely as follows:
2. the next step is to start making a blanket stitch.  Keep the beginning knot on the outside of the ring.  Thread your needle and bring it through the centre of the curtain ring.
next you put the needle through the yarn at the top of the outside of and gently pull it tightly...
Continue,  pushing the stitches close together until your ring looks like the following
3.  Next you need to push the stitches until they are all on the inside of the ring.
4.  Next you are going to make the 'spokes' in your button.  First take the yarn and wrap it around the ring opposite to where your yarn starts and back to the top.
5. Next using the needle thread around the ring several times until the yarn is in the position of being a quarter of one side.  Then repeat the wrapping, taking it to the opposite side and back again.

6. Continue to do the same until you have 8 spokes in total
7.  The centre of the spokes now needs to be secured.  To do this draw your needle up in between two of the spokes and then put it back through in between the opposite two spokes. Do ensure that your stitches are holding the spokes in the absolute middle of your ring.  Continue until all the spokes are securely together...

8.  It is now time to start filling in the middle of the Dorset Button.  To do this put your needle in between two spokes and then go backwards around that spoke

9. You now need to thread the needle back up through the next two spokes.
10.  Again go backwards around the next spoke.  Continue to do this working around and around..
11. You may need to add more yarn.  To do this you need to knot the two ends of the yarn together.  Then continue to go around making sure that the knot stays at the back of your work.  Once you have been around a few more times you can cut off the excess thread at the back.

If you wish to change the colour at this time then continue in the same manner.

12.  When you have filled in as much as you want to ( you don't have to fill in completely). Put the yarn to the back of the button.  Turn to the back and use one of the last stitches to go around that  and knot the yarn a few times before snipping off the excess.

And now you should have your Dorset Button.......

I wonder what you will do with yours, hang it somewhere? Make it into a necklace? Do more and make a mobile?  Whatever it is enjoy your crafty work.

If you have any queries or notice any mistakes please contact me either in the comments or from my details on the about me tab.

Happy Crafting :o)

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