Monday 22 July 2013

Flossy Doll.

I have been a little quiet on this blog for a while, life has been a little too hectic.  I have been enjoying the weather very much though.  Here is a photo of me this morning

My hook has never been far from my hands and today I finally made a breakthrough!  I've PUBLISHED my first ever pattern :o).  It is on Ravelry which was not as easy as I thought it would be.  I consider myself to be reasonably computer savvy but it took me FOUR attempts before I managed to get it on WITH the actual pattern.

So here she is Flossy Doll

She is named after my recently deceased mother who used to call me Flossy as a pet name.  She is made from Debbie Bliss Eco-baby fairly traded cotton.  I have put the pattern out for free because I am so grateful to the many people who do this.  It is following other free patterns that has given me the skills and eventually the courage to get on and design my own dolly and I am completely besotted with her.  Of course I am now thinking about other outfits I could put her in.  It has to be an outfit with a hat as I really do not like doing hair! Any suggestions would be very welcome. I still want to have a go at designing a dolly that can be undressed, I have made a few of these but not for quite some time so maybe another pattern might be brewing.

Now for anyone on Ravelry here is the link  If you don't have a Ravelry account (I can't imagine why you wouldn't - it's free) you can always message me and I will send you the PDF.


I have been so overwhelmed at the number of likes and the 346 free downloads that Flossy has generated.  I do now feel that it is time to see if I can sell any of the patterns, you can follow this link to the pattern .


  1. She is cute. And looks easy to do. Well done on uploading your Ravelry pattern.

  2. Thank you Gwen, do post me a piccie if you make her, I'd love to see other peoples takes on her.

  3. Fantastic pattern Jane I am going to make one when my foot is in plaster!!

  4. I shall be most honoured if you were to do that Ali, you must post be a pic too!

  5. I'm besotted too! She looks very optimistic about the future. I love the fact that you require hats because you don't like doing hair! :)