Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dorset Buttons!

Hellooooo - is anybody there? How can it be that I haven't written a post since April!!!!  Well today that is going to change and I promise to try a little harder and keeping you regularly updated with the crafty goings on that are keeping me so busy.  I am still doing crafts every two weeks at the Beacon Cafe which is run by volunteers  at the church I go to.  Today we made dorset buttons, have you ever heard of them?  I have to confess I hadn't until a lovely lady who is always finding bits and pieces at home that she thinks I might be able to use gave me a bag full of curtain rings.  She couldn't quite remember what these button things were called, maybe somerset buttons?  I hadn't the faintest idea what she meant but decided to do a good google search and there I discovered they were Dorset buttons (as counties go she really wasn't that far off).  Well I was in for a real treat, such prettyness
in the images came up
I should have prepared my craft for today yesterday but had a rather disrupted day which turned into a very distracted evening and so as I went to bed last night, Dorset Buttons popped back into my head as a craft that I had everything for, yarn, needles, curtain rings and scissors - phew!  This morning I got up and got started as soon as my arthritic hands would allow me.  It took me an hour to do the turquoise button at the top of this post, so I knew that it would be possible for some folks to get one done or almost finished in the two hours that our coffee morning runs.

So off I went and what a brilliant response I had!  One of the ladies loved doing it because her favourite stitch was blanket stitch and that it what is used to do the outside of the ring, another just enjoyed the prettyness and repetition of the pattern.  There was also a desire to show grand-children how to do it which is what finally prompted me to get this post written.

If you would like to have a go, there is a great photo tutorial that I found here. I enjoyed doing it so much I started another one

I have been thinking about future craft fairs and wanting to do a few make your own kits of some of the stuff that I make.  Having done these and braids I am now thinking they would be very good places to start.  So watch this space and see if I finally get around to making some kits up!

Happy Crafting x.

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