Friday 8 April 2016

Micro crochet.

This last week was really exciting starting two complete newbies off on the crochet journey.  The first was able to complete this competently after just an hour and a half as you can see she was able to get off and running again with minimal prompting....

The second person sped through her hour and a half and was able to go onto circles as well

I love teaching in the order that a client wants to learn.  For some, repeating a process over and over again is not good, however if you are able to let them experiment with new techniques they can much more easily see where their skills are going to be able to take them.

If you are interested in learning then please do go to the page on this site that gives you more information on how to contact me, or you can always leave a comment of course!

In my own playtime this week I have been back working on my  micro crochet projects, this is crochet using a 0.5mm hook and organic cotton sewing thread, here is the result

As you can see none of these are more than 2 cm tall!

As you can see I have been adapting a pattern that I brought before Christmas from the amazing double treble trinkets  .   This is the pattern for her Christmas mice that I purchased on Ravelry.  Instead of making the Christmas hats I made them all a little different, here are some close ups.

This little mouse is wearing glasses and reading a book.

This one has a sun hat on and is carrying a shopping basket.

This teeny weeny one is off to fly a kite!

They are all mounted on little 10mm buttons which means they stand up beautifully.  I wonder what you would have a mouse of your own doing?

Happy Crafting,   Jane xx


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