Wednesday 16 November 2016

Woven Braids

Woven Braids are a great way of using up scraps of left over yarn and all you need is 7 strands of yarn approximately 40 cm long and a  piece of card cut into a circle.  Mark out 8 points evenly around the card and make a small 1 cm cut into each of these points.  Next make a large hole in the centre of the circle.
First take all the strands at one end and make a knot.  Next push the knot through the whole in the circle of card.
Next turn the circle over and space each of the seven strands of yarn into one of the cut spaces on the outside. It doesn't matter which colour goes where.

 Hold the card with the one empty space facing you as above.

Count three strands going anti clockwise from the empty space.  Pick up the third thread and move it down into the empty space

Turn the card so that the empty space is facing you and repeat the process.

 As you continue you will notice the braid appearing underneath the card.  Occasional you may need to pull the knotted end gently to make sure the braid comes out nice and evenly.
Continue until you are happy with the length.  If using your wrist to measure it ensure you leave enough to tie each end in a knot together.

Once you are happy with the length, take all the pieces of yarn out of the cuts in the card and pull it all through the hole.

 Tie this end in a knot and cut both ends to the same length.

You do not have to make your braid into a bracelet, how about attaching it to a hair grip and putting it in you hair - much easier than the standard way of braiding hair!

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Happy Crafting x.

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