Tuesday 2 February 2016


A few years ago I saw a pattern for some lovely dragon fly rattles, I made a few of them and as with many things, I then forgot about them.  As I was musing on what next to make I remembered them and decided to have a go at designing my own version, and here is the result........
I decided to call them flutterbugs and urged on from selling a pattern for my flossy doll on my ravelry page I decided to make write up the pattern for these (I already had done it in my short hand so that I made them all the same). You can click here to go to the pattern.   I really enjoy writing patterns out and using the odd photo here and there to help with the tricky to explain bits, here are a couple of examples of the photos I used for this pattern......

I have also been playing with using different sized yarns and hooks, here are the three that I tried out.  
The smallest is using an organic cotton sewing thread and a size 0.5mm hook , isn't she cute?  As you can see she measures about 5 cm.  It took me about 4 hours in total, much longer than the largest size as I kept loosing count on my stitches as I was going and it is very hard even with magnifying glasses on to count the stitches once they are done!
The middle sized one is made using DMC number 3 cotton crochet thread and a 2mm hook.  This one measures in at approximately 12cm

Finally the largest one is made using Debbie Bliss Ecobaby, fair trade, organic cotton and using a 2.75mm hook.  This one measures in at approximately 17cm and takes me about 2 1/2 hours.  I shall be putting some of these into my folksy shop as well as doing a good stock for some upcoming craft fairs in March and April.  I have already had orders for two and will be giving one to a friend who has just had her first baby.

I have really enjoyed playing with this little flutterbug. There has been lots of other bits and pieces that I have been up to as well, lots of mending and altering clothes for clients.  I have also been busy continuing to do crafts at our church cafe fortnightly. Today we were making simple cards, which went down very well...

I have also taken on an order for a couple of clergy tops, and altering a cassock.  It's going to be a busy few weeks.

I will check in again soon.

Happy Crafting

Jane xxx

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