Friday 8 June 2012

A New Blog

Here are some of my most recent makes, you may notice that I have a bit of a thing about crochet at the moment! :

These coffee cup phone/bag charms are for my daughters teaching assistants as school, I always love giving them something home made.  The designs are my own.
 This started off as an attempt at a sunflower however I think it looks a bit more like a Chrysanthemum now, putting the beads into the centre was very very fiddly, though I do like the effect.
 and I have turned it into a brooch so it can be added to whatever I fancy.
 This little dolly was inspired by these dolls, though I did it in No10 crochet thread with a 1.5mm crochet hook and therefore it came out very very tiny.  This is a present for my daughters teacher, she took real delight in the crochet dolly I made for my daughter during SATs week a few weeks ago, you can see pictures of her on my other blog here.
This little dolly is from another of my favourite blogs, again I did her in minature format.  I love the Princess Leah (from star wars) type hair do that she has.


  1. Your work is really beautiful. I love the sunflower brooch!!! The little dollies are so cute!