Wednesday 13 June 2012

A Bit of Recycling.

Do you get lots of charity bags through your door?  We must get an average of two every week.  For some reason the other day when I was busy with a bit of crochet, I had a thought - what else could I crochet?  I had seen on Pinterest a rug made out of crochet sheets, I have seen crochet wire with beads before.  Then plastic bags came into my mind (who knows how that happens).  At first I was thinking just normal shopping plastic bags, however we use these for our bin and so never really have very many spares as we shop with jute bags.  I was voicing my thoughts to my dear husband, when he suggested I could try the huge charity bags that are constantly coming through the letter box.  We save them if we don't have anything to fill them with so that we can use them to take things to charity shops when we have a clear out.  However we do always have a glut of them.

My dear mum then sat and carefully started to cut some bags up for me keeping a continuous strip of about 2cm.  I had been making some lovely little coin purses to put on key rings (which I have yet to blog about!) and had the thought of making some slightly bigger purses that would fit a roll of dog poop bags.  I had thought of making these out of yarn however was put off by thinking you would not want them to get soggy - plastic bag ones however could get wet and be easily dried if out on a rainy walk (of which we have had many recently).

So I sat with my balls of plastic
and got on, this is how they came out
I love the way the coloured bits of the bags make a nice pattern.  I have attached one to our lead and  will try it out, a few friends have also offered to try them out before I start making any more. 

I am started to get ready to either open a little Etsy shop or just do a small craft fair somewhere.  It is very exciting having new possibilities open to me at the moment.  I am now wondering what else I could make out of this material - maybe a bag to take swimming - hmmmm, any suggestions would be most welcome!


  1. What an awesome idea! I love it!

  2. Suzy this would probably lots of fun for your daughter to do!