Thursday 13 December 2012

Time for a little bit of catch up.


I have been so busy making this last few months that there hasn't even been time for me to blog! There is now so much for me to catch up on........ I have been taking photo's with every good intention of blogging.  Today I was doing something a little different.  A few years ago I made the cushion above for a very special friend who was very ill battling breast cancer.  Ironically it was the treatment that almost killed her. 

I met up with her last week, she has now been cancer free for two years and wanted a special gift to give to her Aunt who had supported her through thick and thin.  We had a look through google images and I found this picture

Google Image Result for
Her Aunt really likes ethical and fair trade goods, which just happen to be so very close to my heart to.  I already had some nice fat quarters of fabric from the fairtrade fabric shop and didn't need to be persuaded to buy a some extra bits for my design to work.

This morning I got to work

With a bit of bond a web, my sewing machine and the ironing board by the end of the morning this is what I had to show for my efforts.
I could not resist the temptation to add a little crochet - so a tree top and some fluffy white clouds stamped my mark on it.
I also added a few little bits of embroidery
On the back is a personal message which I was asked to sew on, it has an envelope back so that the cover can be removed if required.

All in all I am very pleased with myself with this one.  If you could have a picture on a cushion what would that picture be?

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