Thursday 16 May 2013

Lots and Lots of Crochet

I seem to have had a very busy couple of crochet weeks!  Would you like a peek at what I have been making?  I'll start with a commission, I am very happy to have finally started to earn again from my crafting.  Since March I have had very little heart to make stuff for my shop, so I was especially happy to be approached for a couple of orders.

These buttons were for a friend who was making up friendship bags for a girly weekend away - they look so pretty all together - I do hope her friends like them!  They are made using anchor no.8 pearl cotton and an 1.75mm hook.

This was a card topper that I made for one of my husbands cousins.  His Aunty the final blood relative of that generation passed away.  The same yarn and needle as the buttons was used for this.

Then something for me - a new dishcloth (well for my hubby really, he does most of the washing up)!  I found the pattern here yet another pattern I found thanks to the brilliant Pinterest! I got to return to using my Debbie Bliss Eco-baby fairly traded organic cotton yarn for this, using a 6mm hook so that it was nice and loose and loopy.

The cloth instantly looked at home (and is needed - look at those dirty dishes!).

I worked very hard on the cushion cover tops for my outdoor bench.  Despite the weather being distinctly wintery,  it kept me hopeful that lovely sitting outside weather will come, I particularly like the final cover below.

My little dog thought it made an ideal blanket!  She also got in on the act on my next little project.

I needed a crown for a children's group talk I was doing.

I then found I had a sudden urge to do something for a baby!  I found this pattern by simply googling for newborn crochet jackets - it is now another favourtie pinned onto one of my Pinterest boards.  Ooh that reminds me of another project I gave myself, I have finally sorted out my Pinterest boards.  I had over 800 crochet pictures all on one board.  This made it very difficult when I was looking for inspiration for a particular item, for example a toy.  I have now sorted out lots of different boards covering all categories of crochet, so when I want a toy, I simply look for inspiration on my Crochet Toys board.  If you fancy a look at my boards come over and browse over here (warning: crochet is very addictive!).  Did you notice that the daisies I made in my last post found their way onto this project :o).  This was all made using Debbie Bliss Eco-Aran fairly traded cotten and a 4mm needle.

The last couple of days I went into tease mode on my facebook page and with my twitter  followers, getting them to try and guess what I was making.  The above photo got guesses ranging from a rhino, a marienette to a mobile.  It was twitter follower Ali who got the right answer - have you guessed?

A teddy and I couldn't resist only doing one, so gave it a friend.  Without meaning to at all, they both have slightly different faces, I think the pink one has a bit of smirk while the blue one is looking a little worried.  I adapted this pattern as I loved the shape of the bear.  This pair are made from Debbie Bliss Eco-baby fairly traded cotton and a 3.25mm hook.

This was my nest tease, with guesses of a hat or a sleeve.  It is in fact the start of this bag.

This was a one day make (about 5 hours in total, including stitching the lining in and making the buttons).  I bought the Lion Brand Natures Choice Organic cotton yarn while on a trip to the states last month.  I was so surprised at how easy the pattern developed I am going to try and write the pattern down properly, make another one with photo's as I go and maybe publish my first pattern on Ravelry.  That is of course if I can put my hook down for long enough to do it :o).  It was worked using a 7mm hook for the bottom and a 4mm hook for the top edging and handle.

Happy Crafting until next time we chat x.

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