Sunday 31 August 2014

Bits of crochet.

Here is a little catch up on all the crochet that I have managed to get done in the last few months.  Aren't these little converse booties cute.....

You can find the pattern for them on Pinterest here. I made them using my favourite Debbie Bliss Eco Baby fairly traded cotton.

I used some left over Eco Aran to complete this cushion.....

 I did this cardigan for another friends little baby boy, taking measurements from this handy chart on Pinterest.

I have spent a lot of time in the garden this year and bought a lovely new big parasol, though decided it looked a little dull, so came up with the idea of decorating it with a nice crochet trim....
I made the trim by using a 4mm hook and doing simple rows as follows (UK terms):
Chain 5, turn
Row 1.  4 double crochet, chain one, turn
Row 2.  4 double crochet, chain 7, turn
Row 3.  4 double crochet, chain 1, turn

I continued this until I had enough to go all the way around and then stitched it on....

I love the difference it makes, just a small bit of crochet that makes a lot of difference I think.

I have also made myself this bag.  I took measurements from a favourite old bag and simply used double crochet on the bottom, round the rim and the handles and treble crochet for the main body done in stripes.

All finished off with some fair trade cotton lining.  I also cut up an old very worn cutting board to make a nice sturdy bottom, which I covered.

 I then managed another cushion for a lovely ladies birthday present...

I have used this flower pattern so much you can find it here. This cushion has more squares than usual as I have almost run out of my Eco - Aran stash and it is now discontinued, so had to do this with Eco-baby.

The last crochet project I managed to finally complete is this....

I inherited the lampstand after my mother passed away, my dad had made it for her, so it has great sentimental value to me.  I could not find any lampshades that I liked (or could afford), then one day I happened upon a big black lampshade that was a shop model and a little dusty and therefore reduced to £7.00 (from £45).  Well immediately on seeing it I knew I wanted to do some crochet on it.  Now this all happened over 6 months ago and I have been sitting looking at the shabby black lampshade trying to get inspiration, I am glad I waited, as we bought a new rug and I found all the matching colours were now available in Debbie Bliss Eco-Baby, so an order was made and this is the result.  I love it and am now going to cover another very plain boring shade I have.

My husband has always said that he thinks one day he will come home and find the whole house is crocheted - I think he might be right!

Happy Crafting xxxxxxx

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