Thursday 1 October 2015

A Trip to North Yorkshire and Yarndale!

It was my turn for a little break, I was in much need of some rest and relaxation.  After a fortuitous phone call with a mutual friend and knowing that Yarndale, in Skipton was ahead, I contacted a dear friend who I hadn't seen for far too long and before I knew it, I was here......  

My friend Gaynor and her partner Kates beautiful cottage in Low Row, in Swaledale.  My first ever visit to this area, the weather was beautiful, my hosts were incredible and of course there was Yarndale!!!!!

My friends tutor on a Saturday, so I took the opportunity to take my God-daughter Scarlett out for the day (it helps that she is a very crafty 12 year old) to Yarndale.  Fortunately Gaynor managed to find a way for us to get to Skipton - I had no idea how remote this area is!!!!!  This is the station that we drove to (which took about 45 minutes)......
As you can see    in     the     middle    of     no     where    !!!!!!!!

When we got to Skipton, the hoards of women walking in the same direction gave us the answer to the first question of the day - which way now?

After a 20 minute walk (I walk very slowly) we finally arrived having enjoyed the lovely sight of a park full of yarn bombing.

It was time for us to put our best feet forward
We started as all girls do with a cup of tea, we also thought to buy our lunch which turned out to be one of the best decisions of the day.  As when we popped back for another drink later the queues were awful!

And then we set to it, we got to see the mandalas that were made for last year
and then there were all the stalls
This was Scarlett's favourite bit of art from the day
and then of course there was the bunting from the first year of yarndale
and of course the beautiful flowers from this years send in which raised an incredible amount for the Alzheimer's Society.

I was very strict on what I spent, having given Scarlett strict instructions to not let me be frivolous - she did a jolly good job.  I got some lovely recycled yarn that was very reasonable as it was the end of a line, enough to make me a cardigan (when I have the time).

We took the free bus back to the train station, which was definitely something not to be missed

I got lots of inspiration from the event.  If I am brutally honest it was a bit to busy for me.  Another time I think I would probably go away over lunch and then come back till the end, I believe it was quieter then.  But I am sure that I will return.

The following day I could hardly walk but my lovely hosts spoke with a friend (the local gamekeeper) and got permission to drive me on private roads right up into the moors for the most beautiful picnic.....

North Yorkshire has definitely won my heart!

Happy Crafting x

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