Tuesday 2 October 2012

Finishing off September Projects.

 It's October already!  What better reason do I need than to get lots of projects finished that have been sitting on my crafty shelves for the last month.  Would you like to see what I have done?

This small handbag, is made using Sirdar Simply Recycled yarn, which is half recycled cotton and half acrylic.  I have then lined it upcycling an old pair of fair trade cotton jeans (with holes in the knees!).  I am really pleased with the outcome, especially as it is all my own design!

While I was on holiday during the summer I took some cotton with me to crochet some bunting flags, I made a couple of strings up soon after returning but the rest had been sitting waiting very patiently for me to return to them.  Finally they have been strung together and are ready and waiting to find a place to hang.

I treated myself to some more yarn last month, look at all these lovely colours, I love using this Debbie Bliss fairly traded cotton and so have a basket of aran thickness and a basket of double knit thickness.

I have already been busy using it and have so far made:

Plant pot mats.

Fingerless mittens/wristwarmers and a small neck shrug.  I got the pattern for the mittens from here.  I love Ravelry they have so many free patterns, I am very thankful to all those lovely people who have donated their patterns for everyone to use.

And finally my favourite thing:

This cushion was inspired by a pin on Pinterest which led me to this blog here.  It is an early American motif which is so simple and yet I think very very effective.  This is made using the aran cotton and backed with a simple cotton to make an envelope designed cushion cover.  I was very pleased to discover this week that John Lewis do a click and collect service to our local Waitrose just a couple of miles away, so getting the lovely cushion pads was very very easy!

Now I haven't been adding anything to my Folksy store for a while as I am building up a stock to hopefully sell at a local craft fair in a few weeks.  I am on the reserve list for a table as they had all sold by the time I found out about it.  If I don't get a table then I think my shop may suddenly have a very large influx of stock.

Happy Crafting.

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