Tuesday 16 April 2013

Holiday Shawl and Primrose Garland

I have been very fortunate to have been away over the Easter holidays.  We went off on a 4000 mile road trip around South West America, taking in lots of sights and states.  Of course that did not mean a break from crochet - that would be torture for me.  I do however try not to do any 'work' crochet when on a family holiday the same as I always try and keep my Sundays free from work.  So I had to find myself a little project that I could do just for me.  While thinking about it I remembered seeing a new delivery of DMC cotton arriving at my local craft shop a few months back.  I went back the day before we set off and was in look - the gorgeous red/rust colour was still there!  I found some great places to crochet, starting of course at the airport before we left

This next one was at Zion national park, the children went for a romp with their dad while I sat by this beautiful bubbling water.

And this one is in our swanky hotel room in Las Vegas - I have kept the picture dark so as not to put you through the ordeal of seeing me upclose in my pyjama's.

There were many more places, including by the pool and next to the hoover dam (the kids and hubby went off to do the tour while I got a lovely peaceful hour completed).

Would you like to see what I managed to achive?  Ta - dah!

A lovely shawl that can also be worn as a scarf, I am so pleased with it.  I went a walk in it yesterday when I finished and met a 9 week old puppy who took an instant like to it (thankfully I managed to remove it from his jaws without snagging it!).

I wasn't very well while I was away (hence getting so much crochet done) and since getting back illness is still dogging me.  However last night I decided I really needed to replace my heart garland that I have had over my fireplace since January

I decided I wanted to use primrose flowers, so I set about googling for patterns - but the ones I found, I either didn't particularly like or couldn't work out.  I went out in the garden and counted the petals on the ones that were growing there and then set about trying to work out a pattern of my own.  I was rather pleased with the result.  Here is my second attempt at writing out a pattern - do let me know if it is not right or not understandable!

Primrose Flower Pattern
(using UK crochet terms)
I used a baby weight yarn (roughly 4ply) and a 3.25mm crochet hook.

Chain 5 and slip stitch into the first chain to make a loop.

Row one - 10 double crochet (dc) into the chain loop

Row two - slip stitch into first dc, chain 3, (miss one dc loop and dc into the next, chain two) until you have five chain two spaces, slip stitch into first chain of chain 3. (change colours here if you wish to have different coloured petals to the centre).

Row three - (chain two, 2 double treble crochet, one treble crochet, 2 double treble crochet chain two, slip stitch) into each of the five chain two spaces.

Finish off ends to all flowers.  I made 15 flowers, using an odd number so that I could have a flower in the centre of the fireplace.

Then using a green yarn, leaving a long tail to make a loop with for hanging, I chained 25 before adding my first flower by double crochet into one petal chain and then chained 20 between each flower.

The centre flower after double crochet one petal, I chained two and double crochet the other side of the same petal, this gave it a little more stability in the centre.  After attaching the last flower I chained 25 before fastening off leaving a long tail.  I then made a knotted loop at either end and hung it on my fire place.

Here you go - two ta-dah's!  in one post TA- DAH

Now what could I get up to next, well I have a young ladies birthday to make something for, so I think that will be next.  I did add to my stash while I was away, I found this lovely organic lion brand cotton

I think these are saying bags to me - but am not sure so am going to sit and look at them for a little longer before I decide.

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Happy Crafting.

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