Monday 22 April 2013

Making Presents

I have had lots of fun last week making a couple of presents.  The first is for one of my God children who will be 10 at the end of this week.  The daisies in the garden were my inspiration so I put hook to cotton to see what could be made.
 The daisies were made by first chaining 5with yellow, joining together and double crochet 10 times into the circle.  I found it easiest to finish off at this point as the fine cotton does not join well. 

Then with white cotton I slip stitched into one of the yellow dc loops loops, then chain 5 and then missing the first chain from the hook slip stitch back down the remaining 4 chains.  At the bottom, slip stitch into the next yellow dc loop and repeat until you have gone all the way round and finish off.  With green slip stitch into the back of the yellow centre. 

With green chain 26, missing the first chain from the hook slip stitch down the next 4 chains.  Next chain 3, then missing 3 chains slip stitch into the next chain and continue slip stitching down the remaining chains until reaching the yellow centre, slip stitch into the back of a yellow loop and finish off.

Once you have done this with a number of daisies you can start to loop them together just like a real daisy chain.
I then went took one of the completed daisies and stitched another 90 chain long slip stitched green stem to the opposite side of the existing short green stem omitting any opening.  Another flower had and 90 chain long slip stitched green stem without an opening made.  These were used at the beginning and end of the daisy chain so that they could be tied together to make a necklace.

 I think I might have to make myself another one to go on my hat as I think it looks rather nice on it!

The second present I got to make was for a friends little babe who was having a service of thanksgiving at our church.  I have been wanting to make this for ages, just waiting for the right time and this was certainly it
I found the pattern for these nesting/stacking cups here found once again by the wonderful scrap book which is Pinterest.

I set about making my version, unfortunately I didn't have rainbow colours so had to choose my own colour scheme.  These are the first two.
 And here are the finished set of 6!  I am really pleased with the colours that I chose.
And they do stack - a toy that is probably a parents dream - you can topple then without making any noise!
I love making toys out of natural materials like cotton and this morning I was thrilled to find this picture on my face book page that the mummy of the child who received the cups sent me (they also had some Easter chicks off me last month).  This is what she said (D is her older child, obviously helping his little brother play)

Morning! Just thought you would like to see D's creation today. Chippy and Chirpy were found like this and I said 'oh how sweet they are in a boat'. The reply 'No mummy, its their nest!!'. That's put me in my place then! xx
This week I am looking forward to getting on with a project I am making for myself - a lovely ripple covered cushion for the bench in my garden.

Happy Crafting.

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