Wednesday 1 April 2015

A Craft Fair Experience

Last Saturday I did my first craft fair for over a 18 months.  I took mainly Easter stock which you can see in my previous posts.  I discovered the fair thanks to my good friend Sarah of  The Elf Shed.  She introduced me to the web site stallfinder.  After a little bit of searching I discovered the lovely Michelle Duffy and her new business From the Craft Box.  I took the plunge and did a craft fair that was very local to me.  Sadly the weather was awful and the result seemed to be very little people traffic despite lots of advertising.  I did enjoy the experience though.  These are the positives that are took away with me.

  • Doing a little research on stall presentation meant that the stall attracted most of the people that came through the door.
  • Having a bargain nest with everything in it for 50 pence was a great way to sell all the little bits and pieces that I had made while experimenting, I sold most of the stuff!
  • Having a chat with everyone paid off, I got some interest in folks wanting to learn to crochet who might book me for a workshop.
  • I made enough to cover the cost of my stall!
  • I got to make a little basket of flowers while I was sat waiting for customers.
  • I had loads of fun and it didn't completely exhaust me, this was definitely helped by lovely husband kindly dropping me, doing all the carrying and tidying up and picking me up and taking me home!
  • I got talked into doing another one to try and sell off my Easter stock next Saturday!!!!!
So I shall be in Bishops Waltham!

This week I have actually managed to something else other than crochet - finally I have had time to start decorating our spare room!

This is the first time I have been fit enough to try and wall paper for 16 years!  The last time being when I was six months pregnant with my first born!  We have started with the boring wall paper which is going on three of the walls, but just you wait till you see what we are putting on the feature wall - you will have to wait a week or so till we have it done!

However crochet is never that far away,  I have also made these

these are from a pattern I found on Pinterest, you can find it here.  This lady has lots of lovely things to make.  I did change the pattern a little, I do not like using plastic unnecessarily so the eyes are made with black wool crocheted in the centre instead of plastic eyes.  Making these was also a great way of getting rid of all my yarn ends, so I can say they are 100 per cent fair trade cotton!!!!

So what will I make next?  I have sorted out all my fair trade cotton yarn this morning and so have this sat next to me,   sooooo many lovely colours, what shall I make?????

Happy Crafting xxxxx

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