Tuesday 14 April 2015

An Easter Craft Fair

I am very pleased to say that my second craft fair was fabulous!  It was once again organised by the very able Michelle at From The Craft Box.  These cute little birdies all flew away along with lots of other bits and pieces. 

do you like my little doily that the birds are sitting on?  I made these as a last minute after thought from the last craft fair.  I realised that having nests on the boxes made it very difficult for smaller folk to see what was in them but the boxes are really upside down drawers and had very ugly bottoms.  I remembered that I had  some lovely fairtrade cotton in my stash.  So set about getting them prettied up.....

I gave them a nice neat hem...
and then did a little blanket stitch all the way around..

The last step was to do a bit of crochet around the edge, I used this pattern that I found on Pinterest and I'm really pleased with the end results. 

I think my table looked really pretty!

I have already booked my next fair, which will be in Chandlers Ford on 6th June.  I was going to try and fix another one in, in May, however common sense is prevailing as I have another few jobs to do in May.

I have been busy decorating at home, turning our spare room into a den for my children, somewhere else they can watch tv/play tv games.  That is almost finished, it also means that I have been able to sort out and reorganise all my craft stuff.  The remaining Easter goodies I have, are now put away to next year and I am concentrating on what else to create for June, so far there have been lots of bugs and flowers!

In the meantime I have a wedding dress to do some alterations to for a very lovely friend.  I have also got another job making some new cushion covers for a friends sofas.  Today I managed to finish another job - recovering 6 dining room chairs!

Here is a before (the red one) and the after!  It was such a simple job that I decided to take photo's to make a blog tutorial - gah, that gives me another job!

I am very happy though, crafting away, another job I did today was to throw away all my old Occupational Therapy training materials and books, I have definitely finished with that career.

Happy Crafting xxxxx

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