Wednesday 3 June 2015

From jumpers to newborn carseat inners to crochet teasets!!!!

Goodness me where does the time go!!!!

It has taken me an age to go back through my pictures to work out where I last got up to, so seat belts fastened, here is a quick whistle stop tour of my last four weeks (though to be honest I did have a COMPLETE week off from all things fabric and yarny in half term).

First there was a jumper request from my daughter for our then forthcoming holiday, I made it up as I went along and absolutely love it - now I just have to try and remember how I did it and write it down so that I have a pattern for it I want to do another one.  It was made using 6 balls of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby fair trade organic cotton in white......

I had rather hoped that by the time I had done this, the fabric order I mentioned in my last post might have arrived, but sadly it didn't so in the mean time a few more bits were made for my next craft fair using the same type of yarn in some different colour and lined with fair trade cotton fabric.....

And a couple more items were finally finished (why does it take me so long to get round to putting buttons on things!!!!!

I came up with another craft for our church weekday Beacon Cafe, this was a very simple idea using materials I already had.  Using some pre-cut out hearts, I used a sharp craft knife to cut out the inside of the heart, leaving a heart shape border of approximately 1cm.  Then taking lengths of raffia we just wrapped the frame, finishing it off with a loop for hanging, it went down well.

And finally my fabric order arrived!  Here are pictures of the two completed new born car seat inners, made from organic cotton and a cotton and bamboo/organic cotton mix....


I have already had an order for another set, this time for a little boy, just waiting for the fabric to be selected by his lovely parents.

The weather turned nice and I got to start a new knitting project, I have just put the finished item on my ironing board to block it over night, so you will have to wait for the next post before you get to see that.

There have been some more clothing alterations done to, a lovely panelled Per Una skirt which needed two panels taken out

It was quite a fiddly and time consuming alteration, but the skirts owner was delighted with it, so much so that I now have another one to alter for her!

This week it was time for craft at the Beacon cafe again, a friend showed me how to make these flowers quite some time ago and it was great to be able to do them again, I managed to find a tutorial blog to help remember exactly how to do it, you can find those instructions here.  These are the two examples I made and the bottom two photo's are a couple of the many flowers that were made - this was definitely the most popular craft so far, or maybe people are just starting to get used to the idea of there being craft available to do for free!!

The rest of this week I am preparing for this


I had wanted to get a bit more stock made, however time is running out and I have other things going on as well.  I am pleased that I finally got to make another little tea-set, this time I have made the table cloth so that it can be used as a little drawstring bag to keep the tea-set safe.  To give an idea of the size, the little cakes fit on the end of my finger, all made from fair trade yarn and fabric ....

And today I finally got around to finishing a wreath that I started weeks ago, it's my first attempt, inspired by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24 

So there you go a whistle stop catch up.  I am hoping to get a few of my holiday photo's sorted out ready for my next post, as I got some awesome colour palette inspiration from the Austrian Alps!

Happy Crafting xxxx

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